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The Oil Drum
Discussions about Energy and Our Future

Energy News and Commentary. A sustainable, just, and prosperous energy future is possible. We can make it happen. Topics include: climate change, global warming, renewable energy, solar, wind, biomass, biofuels, alternative transport, & alternative fuels

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30green - the environment website
30green is a website for information and ecological education. 30green wants help people understand that protecting the environment from our small actions daily, which, if done conscientiously and continuously, can bring benefit to our mind and our wallet

DIY Solar Panels Going Green
Save the Earth save on your utility bill by building your own energy supply.

E-Energy Market
Do you want to stay up-to-date with bio energy and save time? Subscribe to E-Energy! E- Energy Market is the international portal for products and services related to bioenergy. At you will find market and business n

EIA Energy Kids
Energy facts, fun, games and activities for kids.

EnergyRace | Helping you stop global warming
Helping you fight global warming. Calculate your carbon footprint, get ideas on how to easily reduce it and measure your positive impact. Join the race.

Excelyte in Well Fracturing
The U.S. EPA has categorically approved ExcelyteŽ for use in oil and gas applications. As a highly effective alternative to harmful bactericides, ExcelyteŽ kills bacteria quickly and decomposes to a harmless salt solution. ExcelyteŽ is considered non-haza

Fluorescent Efficiency - CFLs & Other Alternative
Reflections on renewable energy news and tips to help you save money with alternative energy solutions.

Los Angeles based Solar Installation company with over 15 years of Electrical and Solar energy experience, holding state license c10 and c46 and also NABCEP certified.

Lowering Electric Bills
Learning the ways to reduce your electric use and switching to a lower rate electric supplier can dramatically lower you monthly view.

Noveol : innovative wind power
The Noveol wind turbine is a new way of thinking wind power. Aesthetic and quiet, it perfectly fit the urban needs.

Online guide to Renewable energy and resources
Our goal is to provide an online resource for people to find answers about what is occurring in the world of renewable resources. If you have a question post it in our forum and check back often for answers.

Renewable Energy News
GEN is your top source for high impact media related to the green and sustainable industries. Featuring streaming HD video, web-based articles/resources, and unique content you won't find anywhere else!

Solar and Wind Energy
Reduce you dependence or fossil fuels by installing solar,wind or hydro generators. Prices for solar panels continue to fall and federal tax credits further reduces your installation costs

Solar Energy Training in Toronto
By completing Solar Energy Training in Toronto, you can join a fast-growing industry desperate for more qualified professionals. If you're looking to change careers, start with Solar Academy.

Solar Liberty
Turnkey design and installation of solar panel systems for all types of sites -- homes, businesses, and institutions. Experienced installers. Informative process. Quality components at the right price. We handle all details and paperwork. Call for a free

Solar Panels information
The website contain interesting articles on solar panels in general and in particular on solar energy. Tips for buying and installing solar panels and other articles on alternative energy

Texas Electricity Company
Dynowatt is a different kind of retail electric provider. We care about our customers and we care about the future of our planet.

The Energy Superstore - CFL & LED Light Bulbs
Tips, tricks, and articles telling you how to save energy and money by using compact fluorescent lighting (CFLs), and other energy efficient solutions in your home or office. Brought to you by the Energy Superstore.

The Oil Drum
Discussions about Energy and Our Future

Waste to Energy
Generate electricity out of waste through methods such as incineration, gasification and more.

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